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A Week Without Grain

One week down. When I made the decision not to do the full intro but to jump right into GAPS, I wondered what the side affects would be- Action Boy has been 95% grain free for weeks so I didn’t think it would be too difficult for him. Star Girl is all about grain- so I did worry about her. I knew Sweet T planned to cheat and as for me, I just assumed I’d figure something out…

Here’s what happened.
1. We coincidentally ran out of our N-Met at the same time we started GAPS. Action Boy and Star Girl both take this supplement for sensory regulation. I have to wonder how much of their breakdowns were related to diet and how much to not having the N-met… I plan to re-order today or tomorrow which will give me another week without- so perhaps I’ll know better once we’re two weeks in. I have a feeling I’m not going to have my happy kids back until we get that N-met back into them. It is wonderful stuff.

2. Action Boy reacted badly to broccoli and home made yogurt. It is funny, we have always had broccoli- I cut back on it dramatically when we were trying low salicylate– but we had it once this week and he had bright red eczema all over his cheeks teamed with hyperactivity and sleeplessness. He had exactly the same reaction to a small amount of home made yogurt. I’ll wait a couple of weeks on both of those things and will try again later. Too bad, I have a ton of yogurt to eat now…

3. Sweet T and I are doing pretty well with this. I really like the feeling of not being just sick after we eat– we even ate at a restaurant yesterday (not perfect, I know)-but we paleo-fied it and we both said the food was actually a whole lot better without the bread. Sweet T had a couple of really bad days when he had to travel– food on the road was terrible for him. Today I loaded him up with
TriEnza so he’d have those at work for when he has to eat out. I can’t stop him from Chipotle burrito bowls with no rice– that’s the best he can do when he doesn’t bring food from home.

4. We each have our cheats. Already! We’re bad. For Star Girl, it is my granola bars. I put dark chocolate on them. So, she’s getting nuts, seeds, honey and dark chocolate. She HATES this diet, even with the granola cheating. She’s miserable. Just wait until tonight when I add Cod Liver Oil. I’m going to be so popular. HA! My cheat is coffee and cream. I haven’t given that up yet. It was my replacement when I gave up Coke many months ago and I hold on to it dearly. My hope is that once I make some kombucha I will be transformed and will leave the coffee behind as well. Baby steps. Action Boy eats pretty well except he eats far more nuts than he’s supposed to, I’m sure. He also still has a morning smoothie made with pears, spinach and wheat grass powder. His only sugar is from fruit and occasionally honey when I bake something.

5. We’re just starting a tiny bit of fermented food. I made pickles and sauerkraut– Action Boy and I really like them. I haven’t subjected Star Girl or Sweet T to them yet. I have dill carrots fermenting on the counter for tomorrow. I noticed that the addition of fermented foods has changed Action Boy’s diapers quite a bit. I’ll be upping the probiotic or possibly giving him half dose in the a.m. and half at night. Since i just added the Cod Liver Oil today, I might have to wait on that to make sure it is being tolerated fine. Poor Action Boy is like a lab rat.

Here’s some of this week’s menu:

Breakfast– Almond Flour Cranberry Muffins with Bacon

Breakfast- Scrambled Egg Mini Bites with sundried tomato and onion

Dinner- Burrito Bowl

Breakfast- Eggs and Sausage
Dinner– Honey Lime Chicken and Roasted Asparagus

Dinner– Zucchini Pasta w/sausage and Garlic Sauce

Breakfast– Banana Pancakes
Dinner– Onion Soup and Hamburgers

Dinner: Hamburger Soup and “Cornbread” Muffins

Dinner- Salmon Patties and peas

So, my overall one-week-down wrap-up would be that the emotions are high, Star Girl is in tears at least twice a day, Action Boy is short tempered and occasionally defiant, Sweet T is frustrated by lack of choice and I am cooking even more than I did previously (if that’s possible). Here’s hoping that week two will bring more positivity!

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