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Catching Up- a current rundown

Catching Up- a current rundown

Every now and then I like to run down what Action Boy’s current schedule of food, supps and things are so I can keep track.

Green Smoothie made with Spinach, Mangoes and Pears. I use Amazing Grass Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Probiotic- currently Bio-Kult

1 drop Nutribiotic – Gse Liquid

Zinc- I’m using a zinc and vitamin c from Earth Fare

he usually eats nitrate free bacon and home grown eggs or some grain free pancake, waffle, muffin, etc
with his food I give him TriEnza in water

Tri-Enza in water along with dinner leftovers

Tri-Enza in water with mixed nuts or apple and almond butter or something like that
I’ll begin giving him calcium/magnesium soon as well. I stopped it when we started GAPS but feel I’ve waited long enough to start again

Tri-Enza in water
We’re all GAPS/Paleo but lately I think I’ve gone too heavy on the salicylates. When we were in week 2 of starting full GAPS he was sleeping like a charm but his days were pretty rotten. The N-Met has helped his attitude but he’s not sleeping well. I think in my excitement of going GAPS I forgot that he still has a major salicylate sensitivity I need to worry about. I’m looking into adding vitamin K and vitamin D to his day as well with hopes the vitamin K will help with the salicylate sensitivity.

Bath Time-
Epsom Salt bath
Sesame oil rub down for his feet and legs

Currently we’re riding a roller coaster of reactions but I think overall we’re heading in the right direction. Now that we’ve got the N-met in him during the day and his diet is balancing out, we’re starting to see a calmer kid with less outbursts and most of the stimming is going away. That came back when the diet started but I kind of anticipated that. One other thing I’ve noticed from the grain free diet is that when he eats something reactive, I can see it right away in the form of a red rash on his face and he is hyper with a capital H! So far, I’ve seen this with broccoli and blueberries. Like I said before, I plan to cut back on the general intake of salicylates and see if that helps.

Overall, I am thrilled with his progress. We’ve begun potty training, he’s affectionate, he has much more patience and once he falls asleep, he seems to do pretty well staying asleep. He’s even slept until 7:00 twice in the last month. Before that he had only slept that late once in his life. Yes, I am very excited about this path. I truly hope this diet is actually healing him so that one day he won’t have these food sensitivities– but for now, I’m happy to keep him on it as I really like the results!

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