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3 Weeks to GAPS

I am on official countdown to GAPS mode now. I have assembled my lists, sourced local grass fed meat and cheese, pinned recipes and bookmarked blogs to keep me inspired. We have 3 weeks to go and although I’ve got Action Boy completely paleo except for gluten free oatmeal– the rest of us are far from grain free. From here on out, all dinners will be grain free. I’ll be making GAPS legal breakfasts and slowly moving Star Girl into grain free lunches as well. My hope is that when we go to the intro it won’t be so traumatic for everyone.

I don’t think it would normally take 3 full weeks to prepare for this, but we’re going on vacation the week before we start the diet so I’ve got to prepare for that as well– and figure out what the heck I’m going to feed these kids for a week away from home! Perhaps coming home to soup 3 times a day will be like a break. Ha.

Today I learned how to make whey and cream cheese from yogurt and am hoping to find an organic cabbage to begin my sauerkraut. I’m actually looking forward to the sauerkraut and pickles. I’ve never made them though, so that will be new.

I researched probiotics today. Action Boy’s doc (Dr. Ben) is recommending Floraboost. I am trying to find out everything I can from parents who’ve written their experiences down– I’d like to find one that works well with the TriEnza we already use. I have been so pleased with that in both kids- if there is a probiotic that works seamlessly with the TriEnza that would be the one for me. Plus it would need to be allergen free for Action Boy. The one I found today is Brainchild Nutritionals– it looks pretty good. Dr. Ben wants me to find something more powerful than the Primadophilis I’m giving Action Boy currently. We started with Culturelle and that worked great. The Primadophilis took some getting used to, but he does well with it now. I suppose whatever we switch to next will have to be introduced slowly.

I noticed that when we were in Texas (and I was much more lenient with the kids’ diet) Action Boy picked up his eczema again. I think it was from rice or perhaps too many salicylates. Regardless, I’ve kept him on the “grain free except for oatmeal” diet for the last couple of days and it is getting better. His attitude is sooooo good! Today he actually seemed tired for the first time ever– not cranky tired like he sometimes gets when his sugar plummets but like a sweet and cuddly tired that I’ve never seen before. I also had a relatively calm witching hour tonight– that is a time of day we always struggle with. 4:00-6:00pm is often a time of complete meltdown in my house. The days like today where it just sails by can not go undocumented!

So, currently in my planning binder I have printed off a sheet of GAPS legal foods for the cover. Inside I have Action Boy’s latest bloodwork results (in case his doctor needs a number or something I can put my hands on it quickly). In the 3 ring part, I have my kitchen equipment wish list (previous post), my list of vegetables and meats to source and recipes for fermented veggies. I still have our previous diet info for low sals since I’m not sure how the high sal content will affect the kids– I want to keep the reference materials in case I need them. I also have as an inspiration one of’s meal plans. It looks so easy and kid friendly. It inspires me to do what I can to heal my family so that one day we can have normal food again.

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