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Day 1, Grain Free

Well I think we did… ok. The up side is that Action Boy made it through the day fairly unscathed, had 3 dirty diapers and we only sort of cheated once. I say sort of cheated because we were out driving today running errands and after he had motored through all the snacks I brought he was still hungry– so I stopped at Wendys and picked up 2 plain hamburger patties with no bun. No, not ideal. Not even good– but I overplanned the day and didn’t have enough to hold him over.

Star Girl took egg salad and nut/seed granola to school for lunch. She also said she was starving and asked me to put more food in her lunch tomorrow. I made up some pear sauce tonight so tomorrow she’ll have meatballs and pear sauce with her granola. Hopefully that will work. It doesn’t help that she started basketball this afternoon– the poor girl ate non stop from the time she got home from school until she went to bed. I made the salmon patties and peas tonight and the kids ate everything in sight– there wasn’t any left for Sweet T when he got home from work so he ended up with meatballs sauteed in broth. His leftovers will be Star Girl’s lunch tomorrow. He said they were tasteless but he ate them anyway. He was also starving. I see a pattern.

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