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Found it!

Following a rabbit trail– found this from the blog Gaps Guide— finally some help with information toward salicylates! Thank you Gaps Guide!

A lot of folks come to GAPS with quite a bit of experience and knowledge in foods and reactions. From them, we learn that many children with GAPS symptoms display behavioural issues specifically upon ingestion of high-salicylate foods. Thus, the parents remove those foods, some following a formal low-salicylate program.

In her book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride discusses the matter of salicylates and phenols.

Essentially, she sees these as helpful. In NCM’s perspective, they actively detox the body (hence the reaction). Now, she recognizes that some detox reactions are bigger than a little body can cope with and suggests, in such a case, that the problematic food be removed for up to six weeks, then reintroduced in a minute amount and progressively increased. This way, the body can detox gently and the person can progressively build in a whole new range of foods.

My favourite method for introducing powerful foods is this:

Day 1: 1 tsp

Day 2: None

Day 3: 3 tsps

Day 4: None

Day 5: If no problems, eat this food freely. (Very ill or sensitive people might opt to continue a slow increase.)

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