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Goodbye Grain

Tomorrow is the day! After all this time planning and consulting with docs and reading everything I could get my hands on, I have created a diet that I am really hoping will work to heal the last lingering sensitivities and sensory issues Action Boy is dealing with. Star Girl has quite a bit of behavior related issues that I’m hoping will also lessen– I have high hopes. Action Boy’s doctor didn’t feel like we needed to go into the GAPS intro first– he thought we should go into the full diet and then back into the Intro if necessary. He wants us to find the right probiotic and focus on getting adjusted to that while going completely grain free and see what happens. I read yesterday that it is suggested that you try a different probiotic each time so you can mix up the strains. Because of our trial and error, we have already been doing that. We’re on Garden of Life Raw Probiotics for Kidsright now and it seems to work well.

So, I have read pages and pages on GAPS and Paleo and have come up with what I hope is a healing version that is mostly GAPS with a little borrowed from Paleo. I was able to explain to Star Girl that she wouldn’t be eating soups for 3 meals a day… but she had to make me a promise that there would be no cheating at school– ever. We’ll see.

Here’s my plan for week one. I have most of the meals planned out. Snacks will be broth and maybe red pepper crackers or something like that– Action Boy has only had a broth snack once before and he liked it fine– I told him it was his “tea” and he drank it up. Hopefully it will work like that going forward too. I don’t think Star Girl will make this transition very easily. She is a sugar and carb addict (as am I, so I totally understand her trepidation). Sweet T has been saying all along that he plans to cheat at work, but I think he’ll stick to paleo lunches and snacks as often as he can. He has heard from many people already that the only way this works is if you are able to completely cut out the grains– so hopefully he’ll give it a fair try.

Breakfast- eggs and sausage (our market has sausage from a local farm that is just pork, salt and pepper– and it is sooo good!)

To Make Today: Pickles and Pear Sauce

Star Girls’ Lunch- Egg Salad (w/home made mayo) and nut/seed granola
Action Boy’s Lunch- leftover steak and green beans

Dinner- Sesame Salmon and Broccoli (one of the E-Mealz recipes)

Breakfast- Eggs and Bacon (I am looking for a sugar free bacon- the local butcher is making some nitrate free for me to try– for now I’m going with nitrate free but with a small amount of sugar)

To Make Today: Sauerkraut

Dinner: Chicken Soup

Breakfast: GAPS banana nut muffins (I purchased a cookbook from Heath Home Happy that has a lot of really good options. Most of what I’m making this week is from that book– and the book was only $5, so I think it was a great purchase. I also earned my Ebates check and was able to use it for an Immersion Blender from Amazon so I’m excited to get that in the mail this week.

To Make Today: Jerky (I’ll use the recipe from health home happy)

Dinner: Guacamole Burgers and tomato soup (I had this in the freezer- made it a couple of weeks ago)

Breakfast: Eggs and Sausage

To Make Today: Yogurt

Dinner: Butternut Squash Soup

Breakfast- Banana Pancakes

To Make Today: Whey

Dinner: Honey Chicken Thighs (an E-Mealz recipe- they have paleo programs now so I downloaded the trial to try it out this week) with green beans


To Make Today: Carrot Sticks

Dinner: Salmon Patties w/ Hollandaise Sauce and Asparagus

Breakfast- Almond Flour Cranberry Muffins

Dinner: Onion Soup

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