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Our Homeschool Planner

Our Homeschool Planner

Each year I pull together a bound planner that I use both for planning and record keeping.  In previous years I have used other people’s designs and have used only the portions I need.  This year I went ahead and made a simple page for myself.  This is the first one I have completed– it is the daily planner.  I was able to find some really cute vector art on On the planner itself, I have spaces for general notes at the top, and then a table to organize Star Girl’s individual subjects throughout the day.  I intend to keep track of her class hours on the left side, write the subject in the middle and then the daily task on the right.  I will end up taking this sheet to Staples and will ask them make 90 double sided copies.  I’ll add any additional sheets I end up creating and they’ll spiral bind it for me.



If you think this layout will work for you as well, the download is available by clicking the “Free-Dowload” button below.  I am planning to create more pages for my bound planner and will post them as I have them completed.  (update- I have also added the cover sheet and some monthly calendar pages.. more to come!)

**The screens will ask for your email address– this is just for my files, I promise I won’t share them or sell your email address– the email collection is because someday, when the site has grown, I’d like to create a newsletter. When that day happens, I’ll send you a notification to see if you’re interested in subscribing.  I won’t bug you beyond that!


Do you create a planner each year?  If so, what pages do you include in yours?

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