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Printable Grocery List with Weekly Meal Plan

Printable Grocery List with Weekly Meal Plan

I try to grocery shop once a week.  I take my weekly grocery budget in cash every Monday and try to purchase enough to get me to the next week.  I also like to have a little cash left at the end of the week for a Saturday morning farmer’s market trip.

I have been scribbling my list in a spiral notebook- drawing a table at the bottom of the page with my plan for the week and then writing the list above.  I have found that for me, it is necessary to know the meals I’m planning while I’m at the store in case they don’t have an item and I need to substitute.  That way I don’t forget what my original intention was for the meal.
meal plan with listI decided to create a printable for myself (using vector drawings from that looks similar to my spiral notebook layout- but this one is prettier and has my table all drawn out and ready for me.  If you like this layout and want to use it for yourself, you can download it with the button below!

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