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Quarter 3, Seventh Grade

Quarter 3, Seventh Grade

Third quarter took off with a very rough start. After two weeks of Christmas break, we had planned to start back with Action Boy’s preschool on January 6. Unfortunately, the bitter cold followed by a boil warning caused his school to be cancelled through Thursday of our first week back. Cabin fever combined with a generally sluggish attitude about returning to class made that first week back nearly unbearable for all of us. In order to regain some of my own sanity, I leaned on the curriculum to guide us back into a head for schoolwork. We are now nearing the end of our first full week back and I think I will be able to create a blend of the Learning Adventures curriculum and the Time 4 Learning to keep Star Girl motivated for the remainder of the year.

Here’s what 3rd Quarter looks like for us.

Language Arts- Star Girl is focusing on Ancient Rome this quarter in L.A. and Social Studies. She’s reading The Bronze Bow and will create a smashbook to journal what she’s been reading.

In grammar I have decided to use Time 4 Learning’s L.A. extensions courses. Star Girl finds them difficult but she breezed through the Learning Adventures grammar so I think the challenge will be beneficial.

Math will continue withe Time 4 Learning. She still really likes it. I have learned that I do need to stay with her and help quite a lot in Math. Other subjects don’t require me to be so hands-on, but for Math, at least at this point, I need to stay close or she’ll shut down.

Science will also continue with Time 4 Learning. Star Girl is doing great- it is a nice balance of challenging material presented in a way that is easy to follow.

Social Studies- this is where I was getting frustrated. Star Girl and I loved the Learning Adventures format and she was really enjoying learning about Ancient cultures– but I felt like the hands on projects she was doing were lazily completed and she just wasn’t giving it her full attention. I found the corresponding material (Ancient Rome) on Time 4 Learning and have been using that for the last few days. I will begin to mesh the two curricula next week which I’m hoping will keep her interested as we combine the notebooking projects with the online format.

Fine Art- Once a student is using Time 4 Learning for 30 days, they are eligible for 6 months of free Art courses. Star Girl began her art classes this week and so far she’s enjoying the time. We will be adding these lessons to the art projects that we will be doing on our own (I’m planning a unit on upcycling clothes and visiting an embroidery business to see how custom apparel work is completed using machine embroidery). Star Girl is also exploring doll making and has been creating some beautiful hand painted faces, so I’ll be curious to see if she decides to add doll clothing to her creations.

Sign Language- I was able to find a few apps with ASL courses and we’ve also borrowed many library books on the subject. So far, Star Girl is soaking it up. She’s been watching videos, using the app and reading books- and teaching Action Boy along the way! I enjoy sitting in on this class as well but Star Girl is retaining the material much better than I am so far!

Health- Red Cross Babysitting is another online class, but its a short one– only 4 hours of material, so its just a portion of her health class this quarter. We’ll continue studying nutrition and healthy choices as well.

We will also be adding a yoga or pilates class this quarter- probably hulu based. It is something I’ve done for years and Star Girl has been asking to learn so I think this would be a good time to start. She’s been looking for something to help her flexibility in dance class, so I think yoga would be a good P.E. class for the quarter!

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