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Teaching Art

Teaching Art

This fall I will be taking on a new adventure!  Teaching art to kids in grades K-12.  I plan to put my lesson plans and photos of artwork on here.  I’m in the planning phase now.  I have 3 separate classes.

K-3- Art Explorers- We will become Art Explorers this semester, traveling through time to meet influential artists and learn their techniques.  We will discover our inner artist, usinig shape, color, texture and line
to bring our imaginations to life!

4-6 Art Explorers 2

7-12- Motivation and Method- We will spend time behind the scenes in the lives of working artists through history, learning how their environment, culture and trends of the day influenced their individual methods
of delivering artistic messages.  Students will have the opportunity to dig into their own imaginations
to create unique pieces using the techniques they’ve studied.

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